July 21, 2008
It’s art!

It’s art!

July 18, 2008

sms shiz.

  • me: Hey! what are you up to tonight?
  • Him: no plans yet, let's make out.

Truism #3

Speaking or texting in lolspeak is lame, really lame, like stop, seriously. bish plz.


1. First of all never provide it. However, if you do… don’t do it like this.

"Last night you kicked over the stand at the end of your bed, my phone rang three times, you held out on groping and you slept immovably in the centre of the bed all night, once your hiccups had stopped…fun, let me know when sleepover is next"

I mean I am so turned on by “groping” and being “immovable” I can’t wait!

July 17, 2008

the no text back.

  • me: so I texted this guy no doubt he would text back he didn't
  • matt: maybe he's traveling or he lost his phone or maybe he is dead?
  • me: omg!
  • matt: yea that's morbid
  • me: Actually I think I would prefer if he was dead.

Truism #2

Boys should never say “wow did you wax?” while hooking up. seriously mood killer.

Douchebag of the day.

Douchebag of the day.


  • Him (trying to kiss)
  • ME: seriously I have the hickups
  • him: I don't notice
  • ME: seriously I might bite your tongue off
  • him: who cares (still trying)
  • me: seriously I think this is the most unsexy thing ever.
Josh Hartnett and I have made out with a lot of the same girls.
July 16, 2008
well. egomaniac crazy is no good. happy crazy is awesome.
on firing a crazy employee.